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Historical review

The company Todo Herrajes began in 1993 with the manufacture and sale of pull wire jackets in the extension of electrical networks and telephone.

In 1995, Todo Herrajes develops the jacketed rod (steel rod inserted in a copper tube), used for grounding (landing of any line, net and electrical equipment).

Subsequently in 1998 we development a new product: cooper bonded ground rods, with electrolytic coating. This necessity was born, because the companies of greater consumption of this product, replaced the jacketed rod by the rod with electrolytic coating, the function is the same with the advantage that this (electrolytic rod) presents a greater durability and confidence, Due to the adhesion between the two metals (steel and copper), whereas the jacketed rod does not have adequate adhesion between the two materials, which leads to galvanic corrosion due to the difference of potentials between the two materials.

For the year 2000 the cooper bonded ground rod becomes the leading product, as it achieves the characteristics required by the standard (NTC-2206). This motivated the directives to seek product certification and assembly of the quality system.

In 2001, Todo Herrajes managed to obtain the Certificate of Conformity of the Product and Quality Profile with CIDET.

In 2002, renews the Certificate of Conformity of the Product and Certification of the Company in ISO 9000/2000, with CIDET, in order to continue its development and growth at National and International levels.

For the development and growth of the company in April of 2003, Todo Herrajes moved its production plant and offices for the municipality of Copacabana, street 103 No 46-393.


In 2004, it began the development and assembly of fittings in general, due to the need to diversify and achieve a greater positioning in the environment.

For 2006, the sector is beginning to demand products with the standard RETIE. Todo Herrajes seeks product certification of 15 references with CIDET, of which, were certified 14 in August 2006.

For the year 2008, as a result of the low rotation of the fittings line, the management decides to suspend the production and commercialization of these references.

At the beginning of 2009, the first export of Todo Herrajes to South America was made.

In December of 2010 Todo Herrajes E.U. Decides to transform the company into a company for simplified actions (Todo Herrajes SAS). In addition, it continues to work hard to place its product abroad.

As of 2011 All Herrajes SAS begins to expand strongly towards other countries of South America.

In 2012, the company penetrates the demanding North American market. And thanks to the quality of our products allows us to continue supplying the national market through the country's electrifiers, engineering projects and our marketers.

To expand production capacity All Herrajes SAS expands its locative plant through a new warehouse.

In 2013 we certified the company under ANSI standard, in order to continue exporting and maintaining continuous improvement.

In 2014 Todo Herrajes SAS manages to certify the anchor rod under RETIE 2013 and NTC 2275/2012, thus expanding its portfolio of services.



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