Anchor rod

The anchor rod or rod rein is an elongated member having circular cross, threaded at one end and at the other an eye. For the assembly unless otherwise specified, the anchor rods must be provided  with a nut with the nominal diameter of the rod, that agrees with the  NTC NTC 2618 and 4965 (ASTM A563) standards. It must be provided with a square or round washer with a minimum thickness of 4.5 mm, with a diameter or side of at least 50 mm.


 The anchor rods are used in the construction of overhead lines and distribution networks for electricity and telecommunications.




  •  Anchor rod  of1.5 meters. Galvanized (NTC 2575/2012 RETIE 2013)


  • Anchor rod of 1.8 meters. Galvanized (NTC 2575/2012 RETIE 2013)


Anchor rod


Anchor rod

Anchor rod

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